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FOWLES Scores for the Elite Eight

So I forgot to calculate these before the Elite Eight started

GameChannelTimeFOWLES Score
#2 UConn vs. #1 LouisvilleESPN23/3183.2
#2 Oregon vs. #1 Mississippi StateESPN23/3182.7
#2 Stanford vs. #1 Notre DameESPN24/1 9 p.m.81.7
#2 Iowa vs. #1 BaylorESPN24/1 7 p.m.76.7

Unsurprisingly, this was the highest batch of scores for a round. We get our first scores in the 80s since the round of 32. The previous highest score was Florida State vs. South Carolina at 81.7.

Iowa & Baylor are hurt by the larger gap between the two teams’ ELO rating and both teams’ low three point rates. The only category they lead in is number of blocks, which is not a surprise.