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FOWLES Scores for the Second Round

I’m pressed for time as far as the write up due to being very tired, but here are the FOWLES scores for the round of 32 for this year’s NCAA tournament.

#5 Florida State vs. #4 South CarolinaESPN23/24 2 p.m.81.7
#6 South Dakota State vs. #3 SyracuseESPN3/25 7 p.m.80.3
#5 Marquette vs. #4 Texas A&MESPN23/24 2 p.m.79.0
#6 UCLA vs. #3 MarylandESPN3/25 7 p.m.77.2
#5 Arizona State vs. #4 MiamiESPN23/24 7 p.m.76.8
#6 Kentucky vs. #3 NC StateESPN3/25 7 p.m.76.4
#5 Gonzaga vs. #4 Oregon StateESPN3/25 9 p.m.76.1
#11 Missouri State vs. #3 Iowa StateESPN3/25 9 p.m.76.1
#7 Missouri vs. #2 IowaESPN23/24 2 p.m.74.7
#7 BYU vs. #2 StanfordESPN23/25 11 p.m.70.1
#10 Buffalo vs. #2 UConnESPN3/24 7 p.m.69.3
#9 Clemson vs. #1 Mississippi StateESPN3/24 9 p.m.68.9
#8 Michigan vs. #1 LouisvilleESPN23/24 noon68.5
#9 Michigan State vs. #1 Notre DameESPN3/25 7 p.m.67.1
#8 California vs. #1 BaylorESPN3/25 9 p.m.66.6
#10 Indiana vs. #2 OregonESPN23/24 9 p.m.66.5

Florida State & South Carolina reach new heights for the tournament, beating the previous high set for Clemson & South Dakota. Clemson’s next game’s appeal falls off due to the disparity between its rating and Mississippi State. In fact, the games of the 1 & 2 seeds unsurprisingly clustered towards the bottom. For the women, there’s still a big disparity between the top 8 programs this year & those that would fall into the 7-10 seed range. Note that I’m still using statistics from prior to the first round of games, so that could artificially increase the divide between these teams, and thus knock their FOWLES score down lower than would be accurate.

The appeal of the 1 & 2 seed games is generally higher than their corresponding game from the first round, but it’s not exactly a lock that these match ups are going to produce the most exciting games possible. Iowa & Missouri in particular have a good score for their seeds.